<b>Transforming the Data into Virtual Set Up Segmented usage and Adoption</b> In digitalized environment, heterogeneous users are host and deploy their applications as a digital transformation. As the growing of dynamic business requirements, the operational values of service level agility, scaling and availability of resources are the more focusing components. However, enterprises are needed to deliver the data with atmost desired security value to its genuineness users. All the client level processes are initiated by verifying the strong security level access parameters. So, it is important to process the data migration with the adopted cloud vendors. Lots of security breaches are causing the data level protection in the service access environment. The proposed work will implement the secured transformation user’s data, applications, and resources to the desired virtual set up in order to strengthen the customer’s application. The approach will be used to finding the service adoption by verifying the level of service guaranty with the cloud vendor adoption. Data migration, Cloud adoption, cloud vendor, data segmentation, cloud service provider, Virtual set up, cloud client, Security breaches 856-858 Issue-3 Volume-3 Dr. R. Poorvadevi