<b>Do Consumers Go by the Cover A Survey of Selected Bakeries in Kolhapur</b> “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” Said once Steve Jobs, legend in the concept of innovative and interactive design. The master who understood the pulse of the modern markets and created a history.Packaging is the first introduction of the product to the consumer. Packaging is also the first identity of the product. Packaging serves multiple purposes for the producer and also for the consumers. It is an important part of the middlemen’s handling comfort and transporters’ essential safety measure. In the competitive environment it is a tool of marketing in general and advertising in particular.A study conducted in selected bakeries of Kolhapur for understanding the Role of Packaging in determining, Consumer Buying Behavior of food products is presented in this paper. It is a general observation that the packaging for the products of frequent purchase are not given due importance by the manufacturer such as the products sold in the bakery. The general perception is that, consumers buy such products on daily basis and hence they are not likely to notice its packaging. The objective of this paper is to find out the effect of the packaging on consumers buying decisions in case of food products sold in bakeries. Is Packaging a factor affecting consumers choice of the food products sold in bakeries Consumers’ purchase decision is a hardly a spontaneous action, there is a series of psychological and behavioral elements affecting it, also the marketing and informational tactics are in the play. The final opportunity to influence consumer’s choice is through packaging. This important aspect is addressed in the paper. Packaging, Consumers behavior, food products, bakery products, Wrapper Design, Plastic bags 110-112 Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management Special Issue Dr. Vishakha Apte | Mr. Monish A. Motwani