<b>Smart Attendance System using Raspberry Pi</b> Biometric authentication is one of the most popular and accurate technology. Now a days, it is used in many real time applications. However, recognizing finger prints in Linux based embedded computers raspberry pi is still a very complex problem. This entire work is done on the Linux based embedded computer called raspberry pi, in which database creation, fingerprint reader access, authentication and recognition using python were entirely done on raspberry pi This paper discusses on the standardized authentication model which is capable of extracting the finger prints of individual and store that in database . Then the use of final finger print to match with others in finger prints present in the database to show the capability of this model and also updating the database obtained to the organisation by creating an application through cloud. finger print authentication, python, raspberry pi 514-518 Issue-5 Volume-1 Pradeep Kumar M S | Dr. K. Suresh | Indumati T | Kishor kumar R