<b>Entrepreneurship Challenges Lessons from an Automotive Start Up</b> The present paper describes an automotive start up company, Quadratech Autocomp Private Limited. This company was established by four entrepreneurs in Pune city in the year 2010 and manufactures specialised starter motor housings required in two wheelers. The research paper gives an overview of the company, the driving force behind its establishment, the challenges faced in the initial years of establishment and how these were tackled to make Quadratech number 1 tier 2 supplier in Pune city. In the era of focus on start ups, the exposure of Quadratech gives a good lesson on challenges faced by new units and the strategies that can be adopted to overcome them. Starter motor housing, automotive, Pune, start up 35-37 Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management Special Issue Mylavarapu Monika Jahnavi