<b>Coping Strategies among Youth of Professional Colleges</b> Medical and Engineering students experience stress from their 1st academic year. There are many studies which have assessed stress level of students but very few studies covered how they prevent or cope up with the stress. Hence this study was attempted with an objective to understand the influence of Gender, Academic stream, Income and Type of Family on coping strategies among medical and engineering students in Kolhapur city. Proportionate Random Sampling method was used to select respondents. Data was collected by using Cope Inventory Scale and was analyzed in SPSS. Result indicated that Medical students have high coping level abilities as compare to engineering students. Whereas, gender, family income, type of family didn’t have significant relation with coping strategies. 32-34 Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management Special Issue Dr. K. N. Ranbhare | Supriya Mangaonkar