<b>Rural Marketing Mix</b> The buzzword today in the Marketing Industry is “Rural Marketing” reportedly three times that of the European Market, the Indian rural market is a huge untapped resources Almost half of the national income is generated here. Rural market offers new and greatest opportunities to manufacturer. MNC’s and Indian companies alike are now plugging into these huge markets. India is a country where the majority population, almost 70 lives in villages, there are 627000 villages in the country spread across its length and breadth. There are 25 official languages and some four hundred dialects spoken in the country most world religion have their adherence here. Gone are the days when village were using neem or babul tree to twig for cleaning their teeth, today they are using ultra bright shine of Colgate or some other international brand of tooth paste instead of groundnut the children are asking for chocolate candies that will meet in their mouths, face cream or lotions have replaced besan chickpea flour as a face cleanser. Rural Marketing Is the process of developing, pricing, promotion distributing rural specific goods and services to exchange between urban and rural markets which satisfy consumer demand and also achieve organasational objectives.Marketing Mix 1. ProductThe various product levels as outlined by Philips Kotler, namely core Benefit, Expected Product, augmented products and potential product should be adequately taken into consideration in rural product also. Most of the times in the urban product the product is offered at the augmented product , But in the rural markets in India is operated in the Expected Product section where his expectation are met, due to the low level of income and literacy level. Rural Marketing 384-387 Issue-5 Volume-1 N. Md Faiyaz Ahmed