<b>Social Media as A Global Platform for Business and Branding Trends, Opportunities and Challenges</b> Social media is emerging as the most successful platform for business promotion. In the digital era, every brand wants to prove its existence on social media channels. Because the popularity of social media has reached the peak. Knowing this fact, social media channels too innovating new marketing tools which can help these companies. A few years ago companies were solely depending on print and electronic media for promotional activities. Social media has arrived like a boon for these companies. Brands do not have to invest a huge amount of money for branding and advertisements. The latest trend on social media marketing is conveying a message that the business world is only for those who can think out of the box. Brands are in competition with each other to attract more customers by attractive social media posts. Social media has given a chance for brands to unleash their creativity while fulfilling their marketing tasks. Indian brands especially startups have an easy access to international market. Their existence is recognized by global audience. All these are possible due to the advent of social media. Social media, Global Platform, Business, Branding 380-383 Issue-5 Volume-1 Nagaraj Halliyavar | Shruthi PK