<b>A Study on Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Attitude in Malaysia – The Relationship between Employment and Unemployment Analysis</b> Malaysia being a developing country has a high rate of unemployment among the undergraduates’ alumni rising up out of the colleges. This issue has set off the Malaysian government s endeavors to change the nation into a learning based economy, where entrepreneur was characterized as one of the key components. One of the difficulties looked by the Malaysian government is the way to change the minds of graduate students to venture into business than looking for occupations. This investigation analyzes the viability of entrepreneurship education training in creating innovative mentality among the Malaysian college undergraduates. In this manner, it is sensible for the gatherings who are associated with the development and the improvement of the educational modules of the identified with the field of concentrate to lead an inside and out examination. This ought to be done so as to distinguish the issues that happen all through the execution of the investigation zone. It is vital to assess the appropriateness of the usage of an educational program of the examination territory so as to guarantee the actualized educational modules can create human resource, which are qualified, skilled and can satisfy the need of the corporate industries and the present market. Entrepreneurship Education, Intention, Entrepreneurial Attitude, Unemployment, Malaysia entrepreneurs 840-842 Issue-3 Volume-3 J Jose Prabhu