<b>Analysis of Energy Generation from Exhaust of Automobile using Peltier Thermoelectric Generator </b> In recent past days, big deal of the automobile industry’s RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT Practicing on improving overall efficiency of vehicle. It has brought a major interest in the field of making internal combustion engines highly efficient 1 . In past days, only 25 30 energy is used in the vehicle and rest is exposed to surroundings. The useful energy is used to run the engine as well as generator. So the efficiency of those engine were very less. But the efficiency can be improved by utilizing waste heat that is exhaust of vehicle. One of the best technology that was found to be useful for this purpose were thermoelectric generator. In this, we study and investigated the use of thermoelectric generator for power production 2 . Thermoelectric generator works by imparting exhaust’s gas stream on its surface and small D.C. electric current developed due to difference in temperature across heat exchanger that is put in the pathway of exhaust gas i.e. working on seebeck effect principle. An output Voltage of 200mV was generated using a single Bi2Te3 thermoelectric module for a temperature difference of about 40o C which can be used in charging battery, headlight, G.P.S. systems, etc. Such that it can reduce the level of alternator’s frictional power that is used to save fuel and also in automotive industry to increase the efficiency of engine 1 . Thermo electric generator TEG , Exhaust of an IC engine, Peltier Module 749-751 Issue-3 Volume-3 Naveen Kumar | Vaibhav Setia | Sunil Kumar Patel | Satyam Upadhyay, | Saurabh Chauhan, | Prakhar Bajpai