<b>Alternative Low Cost Building Materials on Beams</b> Today, transfer of waste material is an incredible issue and it gets to be hard to discover common assets because of their extreme abuse. Utilization of waste materials as development materials has various advantages, for example, diminishment in cost, saving in energy, and protection of environment. coconut shell is a waste material which can be a substitute for aggregate. Along these lines, the primary goal of this anticipate is to empower the utilization of coconut shell as a development material and to get ready lightweight concrete by utilizing coconut shell as coarse aggregate. In this anticipate, exploratory study has been done on characteristic strength of M35 concrete with substitution of 15 and 30 of coarse aggregate by coconut shell .Also an attempt has been made to examine the suitability of replacing the 20 of flyash with cement and simultaneously by replacing 15 and 30 of coconut shell as coarse aggregate for concrete of grade M35. The results found were comparable with that of Traditional mix. Concrete, Aggregate, Coconut Shell, Flyash, Compressive strength, Tensile strength 332-338 Issue-5 Volume-1 G Khaja | P Sai | K Siva Sankar