<b>Implementation of Computational Algorithms using Parallel Programming</b> Parallel computing is a type of computation in which many processing are performed concurrently often by dividing large problems into smaller ones that execute independently of each other. There are several different types of parallel computing. The first one is the shared memory architecture which harnesses the power of multiple processors and multiple cores on a single machine and uses threads of programs and shared memory to exchange data. The second type of parallel computing is the distributed architecture which harnesses the power of multiple machines in a networked environment and uses message passing to communicate processes actions to one another. This paper implements several computational algorithms using parallel programming techniques namely distributed message passing. The algorithms are Mandelbrot set, Bucket Sort, Monte Carlo, Grayscale Image Transformation, Array Summation, and Insertion Sort algorithms. All these algorithms are to be implemented using C .NET and tested in a parallel environment using the MPI.NET SDK and the DeinoMPI API. Experiments conducted showed that the proposed parallel algorithms have faster execution time than their sequential counterparts. As future work, the proposed algorithms are to be redesigned to operate on shared memory multi processor and multi core architectures. Parallel Computing, Distributed Algorithms, Message Passing 704-710 Issue-3 Volume-3 Youssef Bassil