<b>Quantitative Analysis of Histamine Production in Idli Batter</b> Biogenic amine formed from protein rich foods is menace throughout the world. Fermented food products are major concern due to the presence of histamine, leading to histamine poisoning. Related in human, Histamine consumption may leads to severe health concerns at chronic levels due to effects on the restless, headache, vomiting, hypotension, flushing. Dried fish are known to be one of the most popular fish products consumed in the Indian subcontinent, often prepared under unhygienic conditions. The present study was aimed to determine the occurrence of histamine and histamine forming bacteria in dried fish and idli batter procured from Pondicherry markets by high performance liquid chromatography. Histamine, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, dried fish and idli batter. 1190-1193 Issue-3 Volume-3 Rubasri Gunasekaran | Murugan A | Prathapkumar Shetty