<b>Characterization of Artificial Sweeteners Steviana and Investigation of Aspartame, Saccharin and Sorbitol using Raman Spectroscopy</b> A selection of one common and commercially available table top artificial Sweetener in Sudanese Markets Steviana was considered. The study showed that , the compositions of the sample steviana contained sorbitol as a natural low potency sweetener, and it doesn’t contain Aspartame , Saccharin as an artificial high potency sweeteners which they are chemical additives and have hazardous on health . Raman peaks of these compositions were compared with previous studies and analysis, which they were identical with the obtained results. The samples were examined in powder and solvent forms. These samples were irradiated using 6mW Nd YAG laser with 532 nm ModelHoribaLabRAM HR 3D at room temperature. These spectra provided free Raman fluorescence signatures in identifying the most significant peaks of these sweeteners. The results confirms and indicating excellent potentials of Raman spectroscopy for the assessment of Artificial sweeteners quality. Artificial sweeteners, Natural sweeteners, Laser Raman spectroscopy 119-123 Issue-4 Volume-3 A. M. Awadelgied | Ahmed Abubaker Mohamed | Sohad Saad Elwakeel | Sufyan Sharafedin