<b>The Ability of Raman Spectroscopy to Detect Surface Water Pollution in Northern Sudan</b> Water pollution is a complex problem for people in Sudan, especially in the northern state. Human activities such as Gold exploration, use of fertilizers in agriculture and industrial activities are, more or less directly, responsible for increasing pollution in running waters. This study aims to detecting the contaminants present in surface water in Northern Sudan. Five samples of water lines from different drinking water treatment plant were collected. the samples were analyzed by Horiba Lab RAM 3D Raman spectrometer. The results showed that the samples beside the water contain toxic and dangerous substances that may lead to dangerous diseases, in different quantities, such as cyanide, nitrate, Uranium oxide and phenol. Raman spectroscopy Surface water pollution dangerous diseases water treatment plant Northern Sudan 1805-1811 Issue-3 Volume-3 Sufyan Sharafedin Mohammed | A. M. Awadelgied | Sohad saad El Wakeel | Ahmed Abubaker Mohamed