<b>Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme</b> Rural Employment Guarantee Act was notified on September 7, 2005, now referred to as MGNREGA was launched on 2 February 2006 in 200 backward districts with a view to extend it to all the districts within five years and extended through out India wef, 01 04 2008. It was expanded to cover another 130 districts in 2007 2008 and eventually covered all districts in India wef April 01, 2008.As envisaged in the Act, the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme has been formulated on the basis of the Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. The flagship scheme was extended to the State wef February 2006 as per following roaster 1. Doda, Poonch, Kupwar are Ist generation NREGA districts of JandK wef 2 2006 2. Anantnag and Jammu are 2nd generation NREGA districts of JandK wef 04 2007 3. Rest of the Districts 17 including District Pulwama are 3rd generation NREGA districts of JandK wef 04 2008 Permissible works, Negative works, Poverty Alleviation, Wage Employment, Participatory Identification of Poor 273-278 Issue-5 Volume-1 Mohd Ashraf Mir | Dr. Vibha Doorwar | Dr. Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi