<b>A Study on Brand Impact of Apparels on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Kukatpally Area</b> The paper is about the results of the primary research which purpose was to know the impact of apparels brand on consumers to purchase a product. The aim of the paper is to make the fact clear that the brand has an impact on customer decision making process. The Primary data has been collected from 128 respondents within the region of Kukatpally area. Questionnaire is framed containing 20 questions which were asked to consumers in Kukatpally area. The secondary data has been collected from internet, books, references etc. Though the different media spread awareness but television advertising plays a vital role in buying behaviour of consumers. The outcome generated from descriptive statistics is that most of the respondents has positive opinion on television advertisements. From the findings, we can also see that there is no significant association between gender of respondents and buying behaviour towards branded apparels. There is a significant association between income of the respondents and frequency of buying branded apparels. There is no difference between male and female groups with respect to the awareness of television advertisements. Buying behaviour, Branded apparels 514-517 Issue-3 Volume-3 Dr. R. Narsaiah | R Shashi Preetham