<b>Effects of Packaging on Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions</b> This research work is an empirical study to examine the effects of product packaging on consumers purchasing decisions and to investigate whether there is a significant relationship between packaging and brand image. Descriptive survey research was adopted through the use of a four point likert, scale questionnaire to collect data from sample of 217 respondents drew from the population of study. Researchers formulated two hypotheses there is no significant effect between product packaging and consumers’ purchasing decisions and there is no significant effect between product packaging and brand image. The hypotheses were tested with correlation and simple regression analysis and ANOVA through statistical package for social science SPSS and the following conclusions were drawn that product packaging has strong effect on consumers’ purchasing decisions and product packaging also have positive effect on product brand image. Based on these findings, researchers recommended that proper attention should be given to all elements of packaging to facilitate positive purchasing decisions by the consumers and product packages should be unique, attractive, cultural conformity, easy handling, protective, to ensure good product brand image. Product, Packaging, Consumers, Purchasing Decisions 301-309 Issue-6 Volume-1 Sabitu Owotutu Olalekan | Adegbite G. Adewale