<b>An Analysis and Study of HAAR Wavelet Based Method for 2D Image Compression</b> Now a day, in the era of technology every media is converted into digital media or objects. This digital media is transfer from one place to another place by using the internet for different purposes. The size of these digital media is play major role for transfer over internet. To send or receive the large size of media, it requires high speed bandwidth in internet connection. It also takes more time to transfer this media. It is necessary to reduce the size of these digital objects such as image, text, audio and video. To reduce the size of objects, it is done by using compression methods. There are various compression methods and algorithms are available. This paper represents the discrete haar wavelet transformation for image compression. Many redundancies are available in images. It is used to compress the image. Coding Redundancy, Inter pixel Redundancy and Perceptual Redundancy are used to compress the image. Media, Bandwidth, Internet, Compression, Coding Redundancy, Perceptual Redundancy 238-242 Issue-5 Volume-1 Dr. Chetankumar R. Dudhagara