<b>A New Hendecagonal Fuzzy Number For Optimization Problems</b> A new fuzzy number called Hendecagonal fuzzy number and its membership function is introduced, which is used to represent the uncertainty with eleven points. The fuzzy numbers with ten ordinates exists in literature. The aim of this paper is to define Hendecagonal fuzzy number and its arithmetic operations. Also a direct approach is proposed to solve fuzzy assignment problem FAP and fuzzy travelling salesman FTSP in which the cost and distance are represented by Hendecagonal fuzzy numbers. Numerical example shows the effectiveness of the proposed method and the Hendecagonal fuzzy number Hendecagonal fuzzy number, Alpha cut, Fuzzy arithmetic, Fuzzy Assignment problem, Fuzzy transportation problem 326-331 Issue-5 Volume-1 M. Revathi | Dr. M. Valliathal | R. Saravanan | Dr. K. Rathi