<b>Effect of Date Ball on Haemoglobin Level of Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls</b> Anaemia is one of the most important global health problems among the adolescents and more than two billion people worldwide are estimated to have anaemia, with majority coming from the developing countries like India. Its adverse health consequences affect people of all age groups and can result from non nutritional and nutritional factors. It is categorized as one of the 10 most serious health problems by the WHO. A comparative survey was conducted in schools of rural area and urban area of Valsad district. Total 100 adolescent s girls of 16 yrs old 50 from rural area and 50 from urban area were included in the study. The girls were supplemented 50 gm of dates balls for 48 days and the haemoglobin was estimated using Sahli’s method. The results indicate that the desirable Hb level was increased from 60 to 87 in the rural area school subjects and 63 to 93 Hb level was increased in urban area school subjects. Less than 10 haemoglobin value increased from 34.8 to 69 in the pre and post blood test results. 96 of the total subjects Hb Values were increased after supplementation of Iron Rich date ball. Study can be conclude that iron rich Dates balls supplementation for a period of 48 days showed a positive impact on serum Iron level. It also improved the blood haemoglobin status of subjects. The study could atleast generate the awareness among the parents as well as the adolescent girl in rural and urban area schools of Valsad district. Iron deficiency Anemia, Adolesecence, Daily Feeding, Haemoglobin 121-125 Issue-5 Volume-1 Dr. Bhavana Y Chauhan