<b>Development of Rural Tourism A Ray of Hope for Rural India</b> The era of rural tourism is not very old for the country, but there is no doubt that it is now growing at a fast pace. Tourism as an industry is anyway at the top of the priority list for the country and various state governments as it contributes a lot to the country s economy and employment. Rural tourism is a very simple and powerful means of connecting the people of the village with the outside world. There can be no better medium than rural tourism to spread the cultural heritage of a country. When urban and foreign tourists visit villages, they bring with them impressions of different civilizations and cultures, thoughts and attitudes. Due to coming in contact with them, not only the socio cultural scope of the villagers expands, but the tourists also return with the effect of folk language, folk culture, living and thinking of that place. 95-98 Issue-3 Volume-1 Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav