<b>Evaluation of Technological Competences, Case Study Teachers of Superior Level</b> The training of teachers is the way forward for the incorporation of the media into the field of education. Personal attitudes towards TIC´s and their way of influencing the interest and motivation of teachers to form and to put into practice new tools should be assessed. The objective of the present research is to evaluate the digital competences in the professors of superior level. A reliability of 95 and a maximum allowed error of 5 were used. The instrument proposed by Briones 2013 was used. The results show that more than 50 of teachers surveyed are aware of the subject studied but only 15 know the benefits of implementing TIC´s in their teaching practice. evaluation, technological competences and teaching practice 45-49 Issue-5 Volume-1 Ramírez Castañeda Iscander A. | Velázquez Reyes Sara M. | García Carrillo María C.