<b>Evaluation of the Service Process to Students in the Payment Area Applying Simulation</b> The present research work has the purpose of performing an evaluation of the service process to students in the payment area, for which a study was carried out employing a reliability of 95 with the simulation technique. A descriptive analytical methodology was developed with a population sample of 68 students. The results obtained helped to measure in the first instance the service process, resulting in a 66.66 integral result Also applied a study of activities that do not add value, the operating times were readjusted. With these recommendations it was possible to improve productivity to 100 in the process of service to students in the payment area. payment area, simulation, productivity 40-44 Issue-5 Volume-1 Gonzalez Torres Arturo | Romero Arellano Silvia | Chávez Hernández Noemí