<b>Molecular Mechanism of Microtubules Dynamics and its Precise Regulation Inside Cells</b> Microtubules are tubulin polymers that use nucleoside triphosphate NTP hydrolysis for polymerization. Microtubules MTs are involved in the diverse and dynamic cellular functions like cell shape maintenance, cell division, cell migration, and signalling. Microtubules display dynamic behaviour of Treadmillin and microtubule dynamics these processes are is precisely regulated by microtubule associated proteins. Soluble and polymeric form of tubulin is in equilibrium state that is regulated by microtubule polymerizing and depolymerizing proteins. Microtubule dynamics,tread milling, polymerization and depolymerization 714-722 Issue-4 Volume-1 Aijaz Rashid | Shazia Ahad