<b>An Experimental Investigation on Effect of Fly Ash on Egg Shell Concrete</b> Egg shell which is made of calcium is thrown away as a waste. When the calcium carbonate is heated a binding material called Calcium Oxide Lime is obtained. As lime is the major compound of Portland cement, eggshell powder can be used as partial replacement of fine aggregate.Fly Ash is one of the residues generated in the combustion of coal. Fly ash includes substantial amounts if Silicon dioxide SiO2 and Calcium Oxide CaO . 75 million tons of fly ash which are rich in Silica is disposed to landfill as a waste annually in India.This project aims at examining the feasibility of eggshell powder as a partial replacement of fine aggregate and also to observe the affect of fly ash on the proposed concrete. In the present study, concrete cubes of grade M30 and M40 were prepared in the laboratory by replacing the fine aggregate with fly ash and egg shell powder at combined proportions of 0 , 7 , 14 , 21 , 28 , 35 and 42 by weight. Tests are conducted at 7 days and 28 days on concrete cubes, cylinders and flexural beams to study compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength finally the results are compared with the normal conventional concrete and the effect of fly ash on it is studied Concrete, Eggshell Powder, Fly Ash, Fine Aggregate, Compressive Strength, Split Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength 585-593 Issue-4 Volume-1 G Anisha | A Pavani