<b>Construction and Analysis of Flyover by BRTS</b> This paper deals with the construction details of flyover work. which is supposed to make grade separation at intersection and make free movement of traffic. By construction of flyover in vizag town it makes an easy way for the communication of railway station and RTC complex. Also to divert the railway passengers directly to the Railway station, and also clear off the railway station passengers. Flyover is proposed at the heart of the city. Is is mainly used as diverts of Traffic in city. In this paper for the construction of flyover several Investigation survey, design and execution of four lanes carriage way flyover, two lane carriage way underpass of the City. This paper also includes different stages in the flyover construction such as Traffic studies, Soil investigations, Mix design of concrete used. It is a part of BRTS BUS RAPID TRANSIST SYSTEM with this system a lot of traffic pollution may cleared and a direct way to the railway station without much obstructions. Traffic Diverts, Grade separation, BRTS, Flyover, pile Foundation, Soil investigation. Issue-4 Volume-1 T Anil | A Pavani | N Venkata Hussain Reddy