<b>Legalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Dealing with Environmental Issues “Examples from Moroccan Arab Countries”</b> This paper focuses on the responsibility of companies in dealing with environmental problems that faces countries by asking the following question What is the role that big companies should play in dealing with environmental problem The hypothesis focuses on the need to have a legitimate role according to the law, which clarifies the responsibilities of companies towards environment sustainability and the interaction with the society, under the responsibility and leadership of the governments. The research paper is based on the inductive approach, accompanied by critical observations according to available data in secondary sources. The research examines the environmental problems faced by some Moroccan countries and how governments and companies deal with it. It highlights the gap in various types of treatment preventive, therapeutic and developmental . Big companies are the primary beneficiaries from the geo spatial and demographic space however, their role in protecting enviorment is very limited. There is a need for laws and regulation to organize company role in protecting enviorment and ensure its sustainability. Laws to protect the interests of disadvantaged and marginalized groups such as rural areas and countryside. Mandatory laws vary from restructuring taxes and fees imposed on foreign and national companies, and imply policies and procedures to protect environment. Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Law, Moroccan Countries, Government 6-15 Issue-5 Volume-1 Raed Awashreh