<b>Focus on Human Resource as Improvement of the Flexible Manufacturing Operation of Organization</b> Focus on human resource in organizations regarded as a tool for organizations growth and profitability, strategic innovation, organizational and customer oriented changes. This article attempts to explain the imperative strategic plan collective by patterns of thinking. The importance of strategic, long term policy and imperative strategic plan collective is very clear to planners. Imperative strategic managers like to follow a similar and routine imperative strategic behavioral pattern. Imperative strategic plan collective, normally taken, as a part of imperative strategic planning, therefore also tends to run in cycles of around last years. Implementing tailored organization can give a competitive advantage and help foster goodwill toward focus on human resource approach. Studies on corporate organizational imperative strategic have possessed an increasing growth. This paper proposes a learning organization expectations method that considers tailored organization information. In today’s tailored organization al environment, there are usually several products and services to fulfill certain functions. The rise of intense competition among the domestic and global markets has revealed the crucial role of organizational imperative strategic in actualization and maintenance of competitive privilege development in the imperative strategic organizations. organizational imperative strategic, takes advantage plan, takes advantage of an opportunity, tailored organization, and learning organization, takes advantage of an opportunity approach Issue-4 Volume-1 Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand