<b>A Brief Study on Śvetāśvataropaniṣad</b> Upani ads are the highest portion of Veda and upani ads are called as vedanta. It is the compound word of Sanskrit like upa ni sad, which denotes sitting at the feet or presence of a guru. The upani ads are called disclosure of god. There are one hundred and eight upani ads in Indian philosophical tradition. But their numbers exceed two hundred Among of them 11 number of upani ads are treated as major upani ads. The svetasvataropani ad is a major upani ad and there are 113 mantras in this upani ad and which belongs to k ayajurveda. The svetasvataropani ad describes the yoga, its usages and merits vividly. There are seen many more descriptions of the supreme soul and the descriptions about the individual soul in this upani ad very beautifully. svetasvataropanisad, mundaka upanisad, brahman, krsnayajurveda, adisankaracarya, sankarananda 281-285 Issue-3 Volume-3 Nilachal Mishra