<b>RFID Technology Adoption Rate in Warehousing A Study of Manufacturing Companies in Johor</b> Radio frequency identification RFID is a technology capable of providing real time information about supply chain operations. It has been used in warehousing to achieve reduced shrinkage, improved material handling and tacking as well as increased accuracy of data collection. This research provides analysis of the RFID adoption rate and identified adoption deciding criteria, benefits and barriers in manufacturing companies in Johor, Malaysia. The data collected from the survey were used in descriptive statistic percentage, cross tabulation and correlation test. The analysis results showed that there were high acceptances of variables for i Deciding criteria size of company, technical know how, type and flow of system, investment costs, staff competencies, products and customer requirements, and top management support. ii Adoption benefits improved inventory management, warehouse operation enhancements, and warehouse operation costs reduction. iii Adoption barriers implementation cost as key barrier, lack of awareness, uncertainty of return of investment ROI , uncertainty of technology, no business benefits, popularity of traditional bar code, lack of skilled workforce, and insufficient market acceptance. RFID Adoption, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain 144-153 Issue-3 Volume-3 Law Chong Seng | Dr. Lim Kim Yew