<b>Measurement of GHT Glucose, Heart Rate, Temperature Using Non Invasive Method</b> The medical field has been emerged in the various sectors but the current blood glucose monitoring BGM are invasive as they require a finger prick blood sample, a repetitively painful process that creates the risk of infection. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in companies who have sought the solution to this long standing problem. Approaches that have been tried include near infrared spectroscopy measuring glucose through the skin using light of slightly longer wavelengths than the visible region , measuring the amount that polarized light is rotated by glucose in the front chamber of the eye containing the aqueous humor ,and many others. This device provide a solution by interfacing a electronic device that has the capability of monitoring the glucose level, heart rate and temperature using non invasive method which has less risk factors. This is a continuous monitoring device. So it helps to prevent the organ losses due to the low and high level of glucose, heart rate, temperature. Blood Glucose Monitoring, Invasive and Non invasive method, Diabetes mellitus 135-137 Issue-3 Volume-3 Kailash. S | Karthick Raja. A | Mahesh. R | Murugappan. S | V. Mangaiyarkarasi M.E