<b>Understanding Trend and Variation of Electrical Energy usage Among Students in the National University of Malaysia</b> The National University of Malaysia UKM is one of the prestige public university in Malaysia. Therefore, the University’s management is always proactive in planning the best student facilities every year. The growth in electricity consumption and demand, however, has increased. Hence, this study aims to look at the comparison trend of electricity consumption of several colleges at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the daily consumption rate of electricity used. Generally, this study is based on a quantitative scientific exploration study where energy consumption information is measured based on actual records between August and October 2017. In addition, observation on energy consumption of the student is also conducted. The findings show that the range of utility cost ratio with the total of students is between 49.5 kWh student and 80.8 kWh student and the average energy consumption is around 65.2 kWh student. The findings reveal that there is an imbalanced in the trend of energy consumption among the college dwellers. Responses from the Khazanah and college management revealed the necessity to study in depth in particularly the operation and management factors that may have an impact on these significant differences. Generally, the findings of random observations in UKM s campus residential colleges have found that a small percentage of students do not concerned on energy savings. Electricity awareness and savings campaigns should be one of the students activities in the colleges. In addition, the University s managers also need to think of a comprehensive action plan that is in line with the needs of sustainable or green campus in the future. electric energy consumption, students, residential college, savings, utility cost, energy efficient 31-35 Issue-3 Volume-3 Noorazuan Md Hashim | Muhammad Khaidir Bin Azmi | Yaakob Mohd Jani