<b>Theoretical Study of Thermodynamic and Elastic Properties of Ti50Be34Zr16 BMG – A Pseudopotential Method</b> Pseudo Alloy atom model under pseudopotential concept is effectively exploited to determine the elastic and thermodynamic properties of a bulk metallic glass BMG . Such a study helps in finding novel applications of BMG. Here, the vibrational or phonon dynamics of BMG has been theoretically studied in terms of longitudinal and transverse mode of phonon eigen frequencies. The electron ion interactions are represented by a well established model potential with widely accepted local field correction functions. The computed results of the phonon dispersion curves PDC produce respective phononic nature in the amorphous glassy alloy. Bulk metallic glass, Model potential, Phonon dispersion curve, Thermodynamic properties, Elastic properties 1076-1080 Issue-2 Volume-3 Alkesh L. Gandhi | Aditya M. Vora