<b>A Study on Customer Purchasing Behaviour on Durable Goods in Kukatpally, Hyderabad</b> The consumer durable goods industry is operating in a highly competitive, complex and rapidly changing business environment. The consumer buying preferences are rapidly changing and moving towards high end technology products. Products which were once considered luxury items have become a necessity because of the changing lifestyle and rising income levels. The consumer is brand conscious, but not necessarily brand loyal. Buyers tend to exhibit different types of buying behavior when they are in the process of purchasing goods and services and the behaviors witnessed are influenced by the type of product he she wants to buy. It is a very long process where the consumer makes the final decision whether or not to buy the product. This is called buying decision making. There are various factors which influence consumer decision making which include demographic socio economic and cultural status etc. The major factors that affect consumer buying behavior are age, gender, income, social influence. In addition, from the product side price, durability, brand name, product features, after sales service etc., may also have a great impact on decision making. This project deals with the study on the factors that affect the consumer purchase behavior on Durable goods. This study is helpful for both business firm to maintain good customer relationship and for the consumer also as he need not look for more alternatives. Durable Goods, Consumerism, Customer Buying Behavior, Electronics 949-952 Issue-2 Volume-3 Dr. E. Murali Darshan | Boosa Ravi Teja