<b>Analysing Impact of Brand Image on Customer Preference A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand</b> The modern age of banking constitutes the fundamental basis of economic growth. The term Bank is being used since long time. There was a time when dwellers of the city alone could enjoy their services. Now banks offer access to even a common man and their activities extend to areas seems too untouched. Banks cater to the needs of agriculturalists, industrialists, traders and to all the other sections of the society. In modern age, the banking constitutes the fundamental basis of economic growth. Thus, they accelerate the economic growth of a country and steer the wheels of the economy towards its goals. Every bank of both sectors is putting its best efforts to attract customers. Promotional mix is being used in high level to increase the number of service holders by each company. Service and customer support system is at its peak. This study aims to find the impact of brand image on customer preference of selecting a bank as well as to identify the most convenient and influencing factors which convinced customers to get associated with their banks as a customer. The sample of 20 is collected from various banks of Kumaun, Uttarakhand using the convenient sampling method. Data collected through the questionnaire has been given a proper code in MS Excel sheet and processed through the statistical software SPSS 16. Results show that there is a difference between the influencing factors of public and private sector banks along with a relation between brand name and their preferences. Banking, Brand Image, Preferences, Influencing Factors, Convinced 41-44 Issue-3 Volume-3 Dr. Deepak Dhariyal | Mukesh Sharma