<b>Forensic Existence of Blood as a Dynamic Evidence</b> Blood is one of the chief form of biological fluid which is recovered at the location of crime. This review article focus on blood as a prime forensic evidence which is most commonly encountered on crime scenes. The font of insipiration for the same is the variable facts and the frequent occurrence of blood as an evidence on the crime scene. The article pronounces the complete details of blood, including its composition, cell types, relation of blood to scientific science, handling liquid blood stains , wet blood stains, dried blood stains, and the post mortum blood and preservation methods followed by a detailed analysis preliminary and confirmatory test . The analysis of blood can be categorised on the basis of its physical and chemical properties. The major aim of this study is to provide all the relevant facts related to blood collection, packaging and the entire examination. Erythrocytes, Plasma, ABO system, collection and packaging, Blood spatter 467-471 Issue-2 Volume-3 Sanya Sharma | Shipra Rohatgi