<b>Application of Geographic Information System GIS For Urban Renewal A Case Study of Yelwan Tudu of Bauchi State, Nigeria</b> Urban renewal has been regarded as a sound approach to promoting land values and improving environmental quality. An urban renewal programs is supposed to address undesirable urban conditions. However, the real problem in this regard is that the determination of the level of substandard situations that can be considered undesirable is usually based on planning standards and varies from place to place and time to time. This study attempts to review the general concept of urban renewal and various approaches. It highlights the existing physical and socio economic characteristics of the study area. To establish how urban renewal programs can be achieved simultaneously using GIS .The methodology included digital mapping techniques, ground survey to establish the factors responsible for deterioration in the study area, conversion of surveyed data into digital form as attribute of the spatial data variables considered and query of each variables to show individual conditions in the study area. The results obtained showed that GIS easily allowed the linking of spatial data with attribute data based on which queries and spatial analysis carried out. The level of deterioration is determined using weighted index analysis method of identifying a slum, thus major rehabilitation is suggested as the best approach for the study area. Finally, a renewal plan is proposed as way of solving the identified problems in the study area. Urban Renewal, GIS, Deterioration 378-384 Issue-2 Volume-3 Efunnuga Oluwayemisi Bunmi | Ituma Chijioke Gideon | Idakwo Victor Iko-Ojo