<b>A Study of Customer Purchasing Behaviour of Automobiles in Kukatpally, Hyderabad</b> In this competitive world automobiles have become an important part of daily transportation and the competition between different automobile industries lead to the high level innovations in automobiles in order to reach the needs of people. This research attempts to answer some of the questions regarding brand personality of selected cars by conducting the survey. This research will help in knowing what a customer thinks about a given brand of car and what are the possible factors guiding a possible purchase. The main aim of this research is to analyse sales of a particular automobile company and to identify the advertisements and sales promotion activities adopted by the automobile companies. The present study is an attempt to evaluate the consumer purchase behaviour of automobiles. This research highlights the various factors which influence the consumer behaviour towards four wheeler, small sedan cars purchase decision and their behaviour and level of satisfaction. Automobiles, Cars, Customer Buying Behaviour 650-654 Issue-2 Volume-3 Dr. Mayuri Chaturvedi | Baddam Harish Reddy