<b>IoT Based Smart Farming in a Agriculture</b> Internet of Things IOT advances can be used in smart farming to enhance quality of agriculture. Agriculture the backbone of Indian economy, contributes to the overall economic growth of the country. The paper aims making use of evolving technology. Monitoring environmental factors is the major factor to improve the yield of the efficient crops. The features of this paper includes detection of leaf disease, server based remote monitoring system, temperature sensing, Soil Moisture Sensing etc. It makes use of sensors networks for measurement of moisture, temperature and humidity instead of manual check. Various Sensors are deployed in various locations of farms, to control all these sensors it has been used one controller called Raspberry PI RPI and pic microcontroller. Leaf disease can be detected by the camera interfacing with RPI. Immediate status of a farm like a leaf disease and other environmental factors affecting crop like temperature and moisture is sent using WIFI Server through RPI to the farmers0and also message alert0will be sent to the owner0about the field0conditions through0mobile. Ultrasonic Sensor, Pi Camera, Temperature and Moisture Sensors, Raspberry Pi and Pic Micro Controller 462-466 Issue-2 Volume-3 Vijayalakshmi M. M