<b>A Study on Bellier Turbidity Temperature Test BTTT as Tool for Identification of Groundnut Oil from Different Seed Varieties in India</b> BTT values prescribed for the certain vegetable oils comes under the mandatory food laws in some countries but due to development towards hybridization in oil seeds, reconsideration in laws is required. In this study an attempt has been made to investigate the applicability of BTTT to groundnut oils obtained from different varieties of seeds grown in different parts of India and thereby examine the influence of geographical variations on BTTT. In the present data analysis, low oil yielding groundnut seed varieties oil content 35 40 such as Shivpuri Sv and SB11 exhibited BTT in the range of 39 to 39.5 0C while High oil yielding varieties oil content 44 45 such as Rajasthan nago RD 1 10 RRD 1 10 and G10 Gujarat G10g displayed BTT in the range of 40 410C. The result have demonstrated the reproducibility through the analyzed data. Hence It is observed that groundnut oil fulfils BTTT values as per Regulation Food Products and Standards 2011 of Food Safety Standards and Act 2006. The coefficient of variation is in between 0.24 0.43 in case of BTT while in case of percentage of oil yielding, it is 0.12 0.43. groundnut seed, oil extraction, oil yield, BTTT 232-235 Issue-2 Volume-3 Dr Shashikant Pardeshi