<b>Viability of Narrowing Global Marketing Strategies to the State Level A Study of Domino’s Glocal Strategies in Ahmedabad City</b> There was a time when people were attracted to consistent global products. However, this standard of same product could not build loyal customer base. Thus, global brands and MNC’s started experimenting with customized brands for different culture of consumers. This combination of Global strategies with the tint of cultural strategies influenced locally, called upon for Glocal strategies. Brands like Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Dominos among others have used this strategy successfully. In this paper, Feasibility of Dominos latest Glocal strategy in Gujarat state, especially in Ahmedabad city has been studied. The study is mainly based on analysis of secondary data, case studies, ethnography and observation. The results of the study will be helpful to the marketers and strategic decision makers. Glocal Strategies, QSR, Quick Service Restaurants, Marketing, Strategic marketing, Global strategies, culturally influenced strategies 65-69 Issue-2 Volume-3 Sonal Gogri | Minouti Jani