<b>Cross Cultural Mistakes by Renowned Brands – Evaluating the Success and Failures of Brands in Host Nations</b> Cross cultural management is the utmost challenge being faced by the organisations when the plan to work in the host nations. Mistakes are part and parcel of the businesses, and even big giant companies make a blunder as they often fail to get all the needed insights to capture the particular market in the host nation. The research paper examines the Cross cultural mistakes by renowned brands this has been explained by the help of stances of various brands that failed and also the ones that succeeded. In the paper, the use of qualitative research method has been used that involves reviewing the existing data available on the topic under consideration. The findings of the study showed brands like KFC, Coca Cola, IKEA, etc. are the top MNCs Multi National Corporations that faced cross cultural severe issues when it comes to entering the host countries. 38-43 Issue-2 Volume-3 Dr. Mohan Dass | Dr Sree (Sunny) Vinnakota