<b>Study of Barthel Score among CKD Patients Belonging from Tribal Areas in Tertiary Care Hospital, Chhattisgarh</b> Chronic Kidney Disease CKD is one of the independent diseases which can lead to sever disability and it is a major emerging public health concern worldwide because it often leads to poor patient outcome 1 . Some of the associated factor with impaired functional status with CKD patients has not been fully elucidated, but some traditional such as cardiovascular diseases hypertension, myocardial ischemia , cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes mellitus as well as non traditional factors such as malnutrition inflammation syndrome and depression may involve. A cross sectional and longitudinal study has shown that risk of low functional status is directly proportional to kidney impairment 2, 3 . Thus, individuals with chronic kidney disease CKD have 40–70 higher risk of functional limitation than those without CKD 4 . In one study to assess the functional status of the CKD patients by using Barthel index found that 50 patients were dependent for the basic activities of daily life 5 In the current study, we hypothesize that there is a close relationship between the presence of CKD and the functional status of renal patients. We conducted this study with objective to assess the functional status of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease by using Barthel Index as a assessment tool on patients who were admitted under Nephrology Unite of Dr. B.R.A.M Hospital Raipur, CG. 26-28 Issue-2 Volume-3 Dr. Dolly Ajwani Ratre | Rashmi Nande | Navin Kumar Ratre