<b>Equilibrium Study of Natural Non Toxic Solvents for Recovery of Trans Aconitic Acid by Reactive Extraction</b> Trans aconitic acid Propene 1 2 3 tricarboxylic acid is an organic acid and is generally found in sugar cane. It is used as accidulent in food industry and can be used in synthesis of plasticizers. It is widely used in tissue engineering application. The present work focused on extraction of Trans aconitic acid from its aqueous solution by using Aliquat 336 using natural non toxic diluents like Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil and Rice bran oil. Physical extraction and chemical extraction has been done to find out equilibrium parameters such as distribution constant, degree of extraction, loading ratio and equilibrium complexion constant. The experimental results are distribution coefficient sunflower oil 2.81 , groundnut oil 2.80 and for Rice oil 2.92 , degree of extraction 56 to 81 for sunflower oil, 59 to 86 for groundnut oil, 58 to 82 for Rice bran oil , loading ratio 0.5 and equilibrium complexation constant 1.1152 l gm equi for Sunflower oil, 1.6128 l gm equi for groundnut oil and 4.5556 l gm equi for Rice Bran Oil. Water co extraction has also been studied, not more than 3 . Trans Aconitic acid, Aliquat 336, non toxic diluents, distribution coefficient, degree of extraction 107-110 Issue-2 Volume-3 R. P. Nimbalkar | R. P. Ugwekar | S. K. Deshmukh