<b>Efficacy of rice stubble allelochemicals on vegetative growth parameters of some oil yielding crops</b> A laboratory experiment was conducted to investigate allelopathic potential of water extract of rice stubble leachate on certain oil yielding crops mustard, sesamum and sunflower . A wide range of rice stubble concentration i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 were prepared and used for testing of seedling growth parameters Length, fresh and dry weight of shoot and root of oil yielding test crop seedlings. The experimental results found that the different seedling growth parameters were reduced with increased concentration of rice stubble leachate in compared to control set. Root growth was more sensitive than shoot growth with increase of leachate concentration of rice stubble. This experimental results show the existence of several bioactive compounds i.e. allelochemicals in rice stubble. These bioactive compounds might serve as a source of natural herbicides. Rice stubble, seedling growth, leachate, allelopathic, bioactive compounds. 1-12 Issue-2 Volume-3 S. P. Adhikary