<b>A Review on Genetic Dominant Disorder Polydactyly</b> Polydactyly is genetic disorder in which there is mutation of gene that is located on short arm of chromosome 7. One gene that can cause polydactyly is GLI3 and it is one among number of genes that are known to be involved in the patterning of tissues and organs during development of the embryo. Mutations of GLI3 gene during development will cause two types of polydactyly. Those are postaxial ulnar and preaxial radial polydactyly. The treatment plan is based on the outcome of analysis of patient’s medical history, social history, motivation, social and psychological disturbance. Mutations, gene, postaxial, preaxial, polydactyly 258-260 Issue-2 Volume-3 Akshata. B. Kichadi | Dr. Uma B Gopal | Santhosh Singarapu | Chaitra. S | Manukrishnan. K | Jeevankumar. Giri