<b>Augmented Journalism A Blended Approach to the Journalism and Artificial Intelligence</b> The advent of artificial intelligence AI and automated technology has significantly altered the journalistic profession, transforming the methods for capturing, processing, generating, and disseminating information enhancing the work of journalists by modifying the routines and expertise required of information professionals. This study, which conceptualizes augmented journalism based on the impact of AI on the journalism industry. Documentary research supported by case studies and in depth interviews suggests that AI is a source of innovation and personalization of journalistic content and that it can contribute to the improvement of professional practice, allowing the emergence of a type of augmented journalist, a conceptual proposal that connects the capabilities of AI with the requirements of journalism s own productive routines. The result is an improvement in the journalist s abilities and the news product. The research focuses on conceptualizing a type of assistance and supplement for journalists in the performance of their duties based on the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the automatic generation of content and verification of data. Artificial intelligence journalism innovation automation 2058-2064 Issue-1 Volume-3 Mr. Intikhab Alam Shamsi