<b>A Study About Brand Preference of Washing Machine with Reference to Rural Area of Palanpur Taluka</b> Washing machine is one of the widely used home equipment which used to wash the cloths. India is one of the fast developing countries in the world. At present it is the need to work both in the family. Therefore to simplify the washing work, the people need machine for washing. In washing machines number of varieties is there. Indian rural consumers today not only have a wide variety of brands to choose from, but also the option to buy a machine that is just right for them from amongst the several models available. Apart from these factors that they should consider the various wash programs, the wash mechanism and some convenience features that their machine should have in order to provide the maximum level of comfort. With this back draft, this article makes an attempt to analyze the brand reference, factor effecting on brand preference of washing machines. Washing Machine, Brand preference, factor effecting on brand preference 1215-1221 Issue-1 Volume-3 S. A. Parbadiya M.Com, B.Ed., M.Phil