<b>A Study of Implications of ICT on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Services in India</b> Information and communication technology is necessary for the development and the progress of the bank, which motivates the customer s satisfaction. Before we say that ICT is responsible for the increased need of customers , it is important to understand that there are various ICT services like ATM, phone banking, internet banking, EFTs, etc. This research paper would help the bank management those who are doing traditional banking to know the level of electronic products and services usage as well as improving the level of satisfaction and strengthening the bond between the banks and their customers. The banking sector is becoming more competitive in recent times. Customers are the most significant factor and quality customer service is tool for surviving these competitions. Banks invest in Information Communication Technology and introduce new innovations with the aim of serving the existing customers better and attracting new customers. This study aims to evaluate the effects of Information Communication Technology on Quality Customer Service Delivery in the commercial banks. A multi stage sampling was used to survey a sample of 476 customers from the selected banks. The analysis revealed that Information Communication Technology has positive effects on quality customers’ service delivery in the banking sector. Information Communication Technology has enabled customers to access their accounts at any location at any time, know the transactions that affect the customer accounts through the transaction notification service subscribed by the customer. The study also revealed that Automatic Teller Machine is the most used delivery channel by customers. Challenges face by the banks in delivering service with information communication technology included the low information communication technology, literacy level of customers, high cost of providing security for data, fraudsters and hackers, and inadequate information communication technology professionals. It was recommended that banks should educate and intensify the campaign on the use of both old and new electronic delivery channels, ensure constant availability of banking services delivered through these channels. ICT information and communication technology , ICT services used by customers, ICT benefits for banks and customers 1367-1374 Issue-1 Volume-3 Dr. Charu Khan