<b>Networks Coexistence with other 2.4 GHz ISM Devices</b> The possibility for the home to be networked wirelessly has greatly improved because of emerging technologies. Home networking is very much possible now with the different technologies that are available. This project is an application of three wireless technologies to machine to machine M2M home networking coexisting with other devices in the 2.4 GHz ISM. The networking technologies used and evaluated in the project are ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Wi Fi, where the risk of interference in the networks is identified and evaluated. The other devices in the home are microwave oven, baby monitors, and wireless telephones. The home network system that was developed and implemented is an interconnection of electronic home devices grouped by sub networks categorized by each of the wireless technologies. Because the three sub networks are working in proximity, there is the high chance of interference with each other and with other devices within the 2.4 GHz band. The joint application of the three networks showed how these networks affect each other and how they coexist in one system and effect to and by other home devices not included in their networks but are in the same frequency range, 2.4 GHz. The paper explored the risks and characteristics of interference of these three systems with other devices when the system is implemented. Guidelines were developed to overcome and mitigate these constraints. Home Network, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, microwave, Wireless Technologies, ZigBee, 2.4 GHz ISM. 63-68 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Mia Torres-Dela Cruz | Wisam Khamil Mahdloom | Shaina Suresh